Business Dress on Friday

  • Dear parents on Friday we are holding a presidential debate and the students are allowed to dress business attire for bonus points. these are the guideline that the students are to follow to participate on Friday as well as receive the points. 
  • Ladies and Men:You are to wear your school uniform bottoms with your belt!
  • Ladies:You are to wear a blouse…. That is to cover everything a school uniform shirt covers, you must have it tucked in at all times
  • Ladies & Men:You can not wear a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or any shirt that goes against school policy
  • Girls:You are to wear flats, dress boots NOT cowgirl boots, tennis shoes are not allowed
  • Men
    • You are to wear a nice polo that covers everything a school uniform covers or a button down shirt
    • Your polo shirts that are to neutral colors NO bright oranges, reds, blues, greens, purples
    • You can also wear button downs same thing no bright colors only neutral
    • Dress shoes or Sperrys,  No Tennis shoes
    • Shirts must be tucked in at all times!
You will need to bring a school shirt with you to school in the case you do not comply with these rules